In the first part of our “Building an iPod” series we took a small glimpse at the click wheel and user interface. We implemented the iPod’s user interface using Angular as our frontend framework. In this part we’ll make it display albums, playlists songs and of course — we’ll play some songs using Spotify.

I need to write a few words about Spotify’s API cause it’s a tricky one. Spotify gives us its music playing service in two parts:

  • First you must log your users in with a Spotify premium account, then you can initialize the Spotify Connect device in…

Wonder how it feels to use an iPod with Apple Music or even Spotify? Let me show it to you in this series. I’ll try my best to recreate the classic iPod experience.

I remember getting my first iPod in 2006. It was an iPod Nano with 1 GB of storage. Its user interface with the click wheel blew me away.
In 2014 Apple discontinued the iPod Classic, the same time they released their streaming platform, ever since Apple Music has no support for any of the non-iOS iPods.

I used Angular framework and I started with the most important…

Krisztian Seres

Co-Founder of Enlight Digital Studios. Software Engineer.

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